Tree care

Take Care of Your Trees

Do we really need trees?  In a word…Yes!

Trees convert carbon dioxide (what humans and what most other living things breathe out) into oxygen through the leaves of the tree (other plants do this as well).  Without trees we would not have the oxygen rich environment we need to survive.

Planting trees on your property benefits you and the environment and can even provide privacy. Properly cared for trees can even increase property values.

Like a growing child, the beginning stages of trees are the most important.  This is when proper care, feeding and watering can produce very strong, beautiful and healthy trees.

Tree Care – what is it?

When caring for a tree, it needs sunlight, water, protection from the cold and sometimes a haircut (pruning).


After planting your new tree (or trees you already have), especially younger trees, you need to make sure they have enough water.  Water is one of the main items most living things need to survive.  Too much or too little could result in death.

Younger trees, roughly less than 2 years old, need more water. If the soil looks dry, water your trees for no more than 30 seconds. When watering you want to make the soil moist not soak them. Over watering can cause the roots to rot. Insert a garden trowel into the soil and check how the dirt feels with your fingers.  If it is reasonably moist then you added enough water.

Once your trees have reached about 2 years old, you can usually reduce or stop manual watering if your environment gets enough rainfall. Each species of tree requires different amounts of water.  Talk with Acosta Tree Care to find out what kind of tree you have and how much water it really needs.


There are many different types of mulch which provides various benefits; but the purpose of “mulching” is to help protect your trees. From bark, wood chips and straw to inorganic compounds like landscape fabric or stone these items help to reduce weed growth, retain moisture and even make your place look better.

Remember to leave about 3 inches around the trunk of the tree when mulching.


Pruning (or you could think of it as a tree haircut) is a regular activity of removing dead branches, and clearing overgrown portions to allow sunlight to reach the entire tree; but don’t overdo it.

Trees need their trunk, branches and leaves to function and survive.

Have pruning questions?  Acosta Tree Care (a tree care service) takes care of trees, tree growth, and tree pruning on a daily basis.

Tree Care Can Be Dangerous

Taking care of smaller plants and trees on your own isn’t usually a problem (although you want to be careful pruning young trees). However, as they grow, they get very big and cutting a dying or decaying branch could be deadly, not to mention trying to take down an entire tree.

Acosta Tree Care is a tree care company and we are here for you.

Acosta Tree Care operates 24/7/365 in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, and other surrounding areas. We are a team of experienced professionals that offer a wide range of tree care services.

From emergency storm calls to routine trimming/pruning tree care services, we can help.  No job is too big or too small.

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